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Kirsten Smith - North Bay
June 15, 2011
I packed up seven years of my life today. It's amazing how much stuff one accumulates. Papers and boxes, letters and pictures, binders and pencils. Seven years now sitting in four boxes. Thank you very much, and good luck!

Juliana - Kearney, Ontario
May 9, 2011
Today is my mother's birthday, my best friend Jessica bought a muffin and candle and brought it to me in the cafateria, for me to blow out the candle for my mum. She passed away in 2007.

Ted - Vancouver
May 6, 2011
A grey, rainy day in Vancouver - the last day I'll ever be thirty-something.

Ginger - M.Hill, USA
April 29, 2011
My sister, also my best friend, left for Asia today on a red-eye flight. One day after my engagement, her heart was broken. It forced her to re-evaluate her life and I don't know if she will ever find reason to come back here. I'm glad she has the courage to see positivity. I will miss having her immediate presence to confide in. To my dear sister: where ever the wind blows you, carpe diem.

Steph - Toronto
April 22, 2011
A year ago today, I tried to kill myself. Today, a year later, a large part of me wishes I had succeeded. Everyone would be better off without having to deal with me, including me.

Kat, Eliza & Cath - Sydney
April 13, 2011
Today we found out that our landlord is selling our house. We have to move but there is a housing crisis. Puts the university work we have to do into perspective... Time to poach some eggs and make crumble.

A - Florida
April 2, 2011
I'm wondering if I'll be alone my entire life.

Catherine Meyers - Sackville
February 28, 2011
I had three hours sleep from the night before. I walked in the snow storm for 45 minutes and got to the motel. I crashed and woke up in the middle of the night suddenly realizing I might not have enough money to pay the bill. I hate being a poor student, but I am am grateful just to be alive.

Hannah - Here
February 9, 2011
V - I hate you. And I intend to move on. You can have everything you gave me back.

SR - Toronto
January 31, 2011
I'm beginning to realize that I may not find another him. And that scares me more than anything...

Kathryn - Nottingham
January 29, 2011
I want you to know and understand that I want you here right now, either asleep in my bed or standing behind me with your arms around me. I've thought about you every day for two years, I've thought about you all day today. I love you and I want you to be happy, and I'd love that happy to be with me, right here right now. So there. Now come and f--- me and really let go like you've never done before.

Lisa - Toronto
December 6, 2010
I had brain surgery to remove a tumour that had been impacting my quality of life for... who knows how long? Though the days following the surgery were much harder (I was asleep for the procedure!), I'll be hard-pressed to ever forget today.

erin - co-ca
November 16, 2010
I have once again fallen for a man who is unavailable. Sometimes they are taken, sometimes they are not in love with me, and sometimes they are just interested in sex. It's funny, you would think that just once I would go for someone who is actually available in all aspects, but no. Do I like the smart cute single emotionally stable man? Nope, I want the guy next to him sitting with his girlfriend, about to move across the country. It is official, there is 100% something wrong with me.

anthony - the mountains
November 15, 2010
I got back from Sierra Leone today and finally got round to tattooing my left arm with a beautiful image for my daughter. Even the parasite I picked up a couple of days ago stayed quiet for the five hours of work on my arm.

Ginger - M. Hill, CA
October 22, 2010
Nine years and two days after working on our first project together, my boyfriend got down tonight on one knee and next to the Pacific Ocean under a full moon asked me to marry him.

Kimberly - North Pole, AK
October 15, 2010
Today I became educated about Domestic Abuse. Who knew? I thought that I was being submissive and I thought that my husband had my best interests at hand. Four years ago, I wrote about how excited I was to start this new aspect of my life and included all the wonderful attributes of this great state. It's been painful and... I get to finally be replenished, refreshed and learn new things about myself that I didn't know existed or that was even possible. It's time to start building back up my self esteem, lose this 60lbs this depression has made me gain since being in Alaska, and to start living and loving life again. Who knows what the next four years will bring? Wish me luck. I am going to need it.

Samantha - Here
October 1, 2010
I met a good friend two weeks ago and then he had to leave to go back home. I wish I met him sooner and realized sooner how much I was going to like him. I drove him to the airport and felt like I was saying goodbye to my best friend.

anthony - the mountains - between ramallah and gaza
September 18, 2010
Tonight I passed through Kalendia border crossing from Ramalleh to Jerusalem. On foot. In a mass of Palestinians. And I watched as two 20 year old Israeli army guards behind a foot-thick pane of glass trapped us one by one in the turn-styles both as we entered the passage and as we left. Even the Palestinian mother with a new born baby in her arms. Her two kids left behind screaming and crying. Terrified.

Jenn Kerr - Toronto
September 12, 2010
My childhood friend of over 20 years had her first daughter today, she named her Perry Grace after my two daughters middle names. My heart swells with pride and love. Friendship is such a powerful thing, I love to be reminded of this!

Rhiah - Eugene
August 22, 2010
My two young sons and I travelled with a few bags and a newly acquired bearded dragon across the border from Mission, BC to our new home in Eugene, Oregon. The day seem charmed, with a golden light and a feeling of a surreal faint laugh track in the background, combined with an epic Star Wars-ish theme weaving in and out of the scenes through the train window.

Michelle - Honolulu
August 20, 2010
Joe, it's like seeing a different side of you. How could you be such an asshole? I've had exceptional managers but you don't even rank. I am so disappointed. You are better than this.

Anonymous - Toronto
July 7, 2010
I tried to commit suicide today. Something stopped me. I decided to go on medication. I'm slowly getting better.

Tim - San Diego
June 9, 2010
I woke up in a good mood and spent the rest of the day trying to figure out how this happened.

john mathew - bangalore,india
June 8, 2010
Baby spills coffee on Kathy's laptop. she wants a new one! But I gotta fix her car, buy her a vocal processing unit and fix her amp. The kittens are sick. Chameleon likes it in the bush and doesn't leave. Thieves steal mangos at night. The cook's kids are ill. Son's head is swelling!! Take him to the hospital. The kittens crap on sofa and the maids refuse to clean. Oh well...

Anon. - Toronto
May 28, 2010
I joined Alcoholics Anonymous just over a month ago, and it's the best thing I've ever done.

Scott - Halifax
May 26, 2010
I lost my job today. That's not sad news - I never really liked it. What's bugging me is that I'm only four days removed from my 26th birthday and I haven't accomplished anything in my life. Here I am faced with yet another opportunity to do what I love. Yet I'm afraid. My nagging fear of failure is rivaled only by my crippling fear of success.

anthony - the mountains
May 9, 2010
I'm in another country, it's fifteen months since I lost Mam, eight since I lost Dad but every time I go on mission I get too much time alone and it comes back. And I'm tired of feeling loss. And I feel guilty for saying so. I'm so lucky its only four more days 'til I'm back with my girls.

L.W. - DC
May 1, 2010
Today I just found this interesting website, and unexpectedly found a piece written by the guy I have a crush on. I'm just glad that he showed up this afternoon in our STATS computer room. I know he definitely doesn't like me, well, not in that way I hope. But he has EVERYTHING you would want a guy to have... "Smart, sexy, cute and funny." Also cool, talented, and not that sociable. He even has my favorite way of men's dressing, including his bracelet. For quite a long time in my life, I seemed to stop having such kind of strong feeling for a guy. I mean, I'm kind of scared. Particularly in this moment... We've almost done with our STATS project. It's a beautiful day. I'm hungry now. I just can't stop thinking of him. I feel sad.

Hannah - Here
April 6, 2010
It's almost over, Joe... I cannot wait until I am able to move on from you. I cannot wait until I am able to burn my thoughts of you. I need to feel that I deserve love and respect from a man who loves me. I am hurting... and I am trying to keep it together because I know I did my best and loved you. I won't have regrets or what ifs... but I will always wonder what made me stay. It is because I thought deep down, you loved me too. Goodbye, Joe.

suzanne - florida
March 16, 2010
I came back to see your website. I haven't visited in years. I am saddened by what I see and I send one million powerful prayers & mantras to the universe for you. I want your site and message to spread to the masses for all to understand. When I first came upon your site in 2003, I did not know until a few months later that I would be dealing with cancer too, but you and your site were burned into my mind and I have never forgotten you. I don't think I ever will. The best of everything to you. Refuse to let it be the reason!

Maggie - Toronto
March 15, 2010
Today is my second wedding anniversary, and I'm still waiting for my immigration papers to come through so that I can move to the U.S. and finally live with my husband. It's been a long, frustrating road, but we're almost near the end, and he's worth the wait.

Ginger - M. Hill, USA
March 9, 2010
Good news. Finally. Me and D moved into our new home today. We bought *real* furniture for it. No more college furniture picked from the dumpster! It is really a home that we made for the two of us. We finally mustered the courage and told my mom we were moving in together. And surprisingly she gave us her blessing. I now live 30 odd miles from her and I feel liberated and happy in way I never have for the longest time, even when I was living 300 or 3,000 miles away from her. And the greatest news of all- that insidious disease Bulimia that has plagued me for the last 9 years finally went out the back door. I will never open that door again.

Pam Pike - Toronto
February 16, 2010
I have always wanted to be a writer. Tonight in the quiet hours of the night I wrote one chapter. It's far from being polished but I did it. The character began to take shape, the scene was developed, the words flowed freely and most of all there wasn't a nemesis on my shoulder. Rather than use my computer I wrote it out by hand. I wish creativity would flow like this all the time. My belated grandmother is my inspiration. She and I had a close relationship. After almost 18 years since her death I still miss her. A few months before she died I went home to see her as she was in the hospital. I was shocked by her frailness. What was more shocking though was her disinterest in reading. I knew then that she was preparing for death. Before I left she touched my cheeks and said "I love you more than you'll ever know". When I feel unloved or self-loathing I try to remember these words. If my novel ever gets published I will dedicate it to my grandmother, Verna Carr.

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